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Arrow Law, LLC is a legal team specialized in helping you protect your family, assets, and business.

Power of Attorney | Health Care Proxy | Wills
Irrevocable Trust | Revocable Trust | Supplemental Needs Trust
Corporate Succession Plans

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Arrow Law, LLC is a legal team of certified estate planners, here to help you protect what matters most.

Offering services like:
Power of Attorney | Health Care Proxy | Wills
Irrevocable Trust | Revocable Trust | Supplemental Needs Trust
Corporate Succession Plans

We can help you protect your assets, your family, and yourself. Get in touch with us today to schedule a private consultation.
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estate Planning services

Learn more about the different estate planning services we provide by clicking on the tabs below. 
Power of attorney
Who do you want making the critical decisions for you when you cant?
Who do you want making decisions with your assets until they are ready?
Who do you want receiving your various assets in the event of your death?
healthcare proxy
Who do you want carrying out your wishes if you cant express them?
corporate succession
Who are the key positions and players in your organization?
Granting the best people the ability to manage your estate assets

power of attorney

A power attorney is a binding document allowing you to grant someone the ability to manage your affairs. This can be your property, medical affairs, or finances. Though it can often be uncomfortable to think about, a POA is essential to every estate plan.
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Grant assets to key individuals as they become ready for use in various situations


A trust is a binding legal relationship where one party (the grantor) gives ownership of an asset to another party (the trustee). The trustee can use these rights to manage the asset or assets on behalf of a third party (the beneficiary).

A trust is essential in keeping your assets safe until they are ready to be used, depending on the terms you set.
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leaving your assets to the people you intend for them to go to


Do you need a will? Yes. Regardless of the value, everyone who owns assets of any kind should have a will in place. Creating a written will as part as a full estate plan makes you the one in charge of directing what happens with your assets upon death. Without this, you will have no control, and your state determines who gets what when you die.
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putting your health decisions with who you intend for them to be made by

healthcare proxy

A healthcare proxy is a written document naming someone you trust as your proxy, expressing your wishes on your behalf to make healthcare decisions for you if you cannot communicate or control yourself. Naming a proxy ensures that your wishes are met in the event you cannot express them yourself.
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designating key positions and processes for your business for when you can't run it

Corporate succession

A corporate succession plan is a document that identifies those in critical positions in your organization, ensuring the right people are left with the right power in the event of your inability to run your own business or your death.
Succession plans strengthen your capability over time to:

  • Identify the critical positions in your organization
  • Select the proper skills necessary for those inheriting or taking future positions in your company
  • Focusing the development of key individuals on helping you meet future business goals for years to come
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About us

Arrow Law is an estate planning firm dealing with clients primarily in New York City, but with the abilities to help families all over the country.
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Estate Planning Process

Estate planning isn't at the top of most peoples' list, but it's an essential part of ensuring your family is planned for in the worst case scenarios.

Our process is designed to make it easy for you. We make ourselves flexible and available to meet with you to give you an all-encompassing estate plan in a matter of weeks. We use the latest techniques to ensure you have access to your estate planner when you need them.

why choose arrow estate planning?

We're here to grow with you and your family over the years
We have years of law firm experience to help you put together an all-encompassing estate plan
A team passionate about helping families to plan for their future
Arrow Law is a team comprised of the best and brightest young estate planning professionals in the New York City area, it's their job to make sure your assets are protected in the worst possible situations. It's something not everyone wants to think about, but something everyone needs to get in order, just in case. Whether it be protecting financial assets, your company, or delegating decision making to the right person in the worst scenario, it's important to have these things planned out in advance, and that's what we're here to help with.
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